Doom and Bloom ™ Show #42 – Charlie and Courtney, Florida Preppers

Hey Preppers!

Tonight on the Doom and Bloom(tm) Show, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy welcome Charlie (The Rabbit Guy) and Courtney, a prepping duo.  Charlie is a former Army scout and he and Courtney are homesteading with a vengeance!  We’ll talk about their recent adventures, including some training with the Appleseed Project and our community survival garden adventures.  Dr. Bones talks about the overuse of antibiotics, and lots of other stuff! Nurse Amy will continue her series on medicinal plants and important perennial for your prepper garden!  Thursdays 9pm eastern/8pm central on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network!

Heres the link for the show:

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy


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