Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL! review


We were honored to have our new board game, Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL!, reviewed by Jason of recently. We try not to be too commercial with our posts, but we think Jason had fun and that you would too. He went into incredible depth with his family’s experience with the game and  showed that the game has value for the preparedness community.

For the prepper in the family, it’s a great way to get the whole gang to put down the smartphones for a while and get involved in the survival mindset. We hope that you’ll check it out, and if you are ready for a fun family game night, we hope you’ll consider Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL! Visit for more information and gameplay videos!

Here’s Jason’s review:


For those that buy the game on our store, we will send a free Survival Medicine DVD with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy as well!

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