• Doom and Bloom(tm) Family Medical Bag Available Today!

    December 15, 2011 | Joseph Alton MD
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    Doom and Bloom(tm) Family Medical Bag
    (and just some of the contents)

    Medical Supplies for a Collapse Situation

    Hey Prepper Nation,

    Today is the first day of our launch of Nurse Amy’s “Doom and Bloom(tm) Family Medical Bag”. This is a unique combination of conventional and natural solutions to support your family’s health and deal with medical issues when help is NOT on the way. This is the ultimate collection of medical supplies with over 500 items (and not mostly Band-Aids!).

    This bag will allow you to treat minor and major trauma, infections, and 90% of the medical issues you’ll see in times of trouble. ┬áThis is one of the rarest of commodities: Medical supplies that combine the best of conventional and alternative items that will keep your loved ones healthy in good times or bad.

    Our Medical Supply Bag

    It comes in a high quality tactical backpack with a padded lumbar support and multiple compartments for ease of organization. Also, you’ll have 9 laminated cards with instructions on how to treat medical issues, plus a Red Cross first aid handout. This is the last medical kit you’ll ever need!

    For more information on everything you’ll get, pricing, and ordering instructions, contact Nurse Amy at drbonesclass@aol.com

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