Doom and Gloom vs. Doom and Bloom

Hey Preppers,

There are a variety of reasons that the majority of the population chooses not to prepare for hard times. One reason relates to the perception that those that store food and other items are full of “Doom and Gloom”.  Many in the general public still see the old-time camouflage-clad survivalists when they think of preparedness. The term “Doom and Gloom” itself is filled with the worst connotations; synonymous with despair and inaction, very few are willing to identify with what they consider to be a personality flaw.  I don’t blame them.  Placing oneself into a category that always sees the negative in a situation is an unattractive option.

Preparedness:  Is There Trouble Ahead?

Yet, events are occurring in rapid succession. Our quality of life is being eroded even as we speak. The downward  spiral may be starting, and it’s difficult for many to escape a negative attitude when they consider the future of our society.  The problems are many, and the solutions are few (and they are painful, as well).  It is easy to choose the despair and inaction that goes with being a “Doom and Gloom-er”; there’s not a lot of sweat involved in sitting in front of a television or computer, bemoaning the ills of modern-day civilization.  You don’t have to study or learn new skills; you don’t have to change your current lifestyle. You can just sit there and watch soap operas and reality shows.  Although there’s not a lot to like about the term “Doom and Gloom”, plenty of people are just fine with the apathetic, do-nothing attitude that goes along with it.

These are dangerous times.  There are many (very many) who are in denial of this fact.  These people could be cured of this denial simply by examining current events.  Besides them, there are the “Doom and Gloomers”, fully AWARE of the situation but apathetically waiting for the apocalypse in a morose stupor.  They will be no better off than the oblivious majority in times of trouble; worse, really, as they have been miserable for a longer time.

Furthermore, their negativity has soured the general public on the idea of preparedness.  For the future of our society, this is probably the worst legacy of the “Doom and Gloom” mindset.  The less prepared our citizens are for hard times, the more difficult it will be for there to be a future at all.

Preparedness Community and Having Hope

There is hope, however.  The preparedness community understands that there are storm clouds on the horizon.  They see the signs of the deterioration that have begun to erode the civilization that we have enjoyed for so long.  Facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored, and we may be on the brink of a meltdown.  So, why do today’s Preppers have an advantage over everyone else in terms of their potential for success in the future?  Because, unlike the “Doom and Gloom” crowd, they have evolved a new, more positive philosophy:  “Doom and BLOOM”.

Adherents of the “Doom and Bloom” philosophy view negative current events with an unblinking eye.  There is neither denial nor sugarcoating of the factors that might send things south, perhaps in a hurry.  This is, if you will, the “Doom” part.  Instead of despair and inaction, however, Preppers have hope and determination.  They see the danger, but also the opportunity:  The opportunity to become truly self-reliant.  This is the “Bloom” part.  They see the challenges of today as a wake-up call.  It might be an alarm, but it’s also a call to action.

Unlike others, the Prepper Nation is positive that there are ways to succeed in the coming hard times.  They look to what has worked before there was high technology.  They see how their grandparents and great-grandparents succeeded, and they are learning skills that their ancestors had; skills that modern society has lost, somewhere along the way.  “Doom and BLOOMERS” see the silver lining in those storm clouds, and are learning how to grow their own food, take care of their own health, and provide for their common defense.  There’s a learning curve, to be sure, but every bit of knowledge that they can absorb will mean a better future for themselves and their loved ones.  They are applying lessons from the past to assure themselves that future.

If the public’s perception of the preparedness community is one of “Doom and Bloom” rather than “Doom and Gloom”, the association would be one with positivity and “can-do”, instead of negativity and inertia.  This would allow Preppers to serve as ambassadors of hope.  With the acceptance of a positive viewpoint, a rebirth of a collapsed society would not only be possible, but would be inevitable.  Armed with knowledge and skills to function in a power-down society, “Doom and Bloomers” would be the vanguard for the establishment of a self-sustainable community.

It is not just wishful thinking. It may be seem daunting  to you, but it is well within your potential.  It has been said that a 1000 mile journey begins with the first step.  Take that first step today, and you’ll be ahead of the crowd in terms of assuring your survival and that of your loved ones.

Dr. Bones

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