Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom Show # 32

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Natural Healing

Dr Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom Show # 32, tonight at 8 pm central/ 9 pm EST. Tonight we have an expert in the art of natural healing, Kal Sellers, also known as The Mad Herbalist!

He will share his knowledge of herbal remedies and give us some great information about medicinal plants. Come join us in learning how you can heal yourself with nature’s medicine chest. The call in number is 1-917-889-7908, or join us in the live chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network.

Collapse Medicine and Home Remedies

Our website iswww.DoomandBloom.net where we have lots of great information on home remedies, collapse medicine and urban homesteading! Our Youtube channel is drbonespodcast, we have how-to gardening videos and soon we will be adding how-to medical videos for the preparedness community. Hope to see you tonight, but you can always download shows from www.prepperpodcast.com!

Here’s the show link:

Thanks, Nurse Amy

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