Elk Mountain Tent Review

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Elk at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If the you know what hits the fan, I know that I’ll be called upon to render medical care for many different injuries and illnesses. When you have people that are sick, you need a place to put them and if you’re off the grid, a good tent to keep materials and patients is a necessity.

I talked to the nice folks at Elk Mountain tents to see what they had that might fit the bill, and they sent me this 13 x 13. This durable tent allows me the kind of room I need to place treatment tables, work counters, several cots, and much more. Their unique polyester tent material is an 11 oz canvas with a breaking strength of 449 lbs, that means it’s significantly tougher than traditional canvas, has less issues with condensation, and is rot and mildew resistant.

To learn more, watch the video review below:

If this Elk Mountain tent would work well for me and other austere medics in off-grid backcountry settings, you can bet that it’ll be a solid asset for the avid outdoorsman or two… or three or six. To find out more about Elk Mountain tents, go to www.elkmountaintents.com.

Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Joe Alton MD

Dr. Alton

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