Food Shortages and You!



Food Shortages and You | Be Prepared

What Would Happen if There Was a Food Shortage?

In a lot of poorer countries, food shortages have always been a fact of life. Although we have been generous in our efforts to aid people who are hungry, we are beginning to reach a point where the production of food is no longer able to keep up with the sheer number of people who have to eat. The civil unrest that can occur when a population is hungry is powerful enough to topple regimes, as we have recently seen in Tunisia.

Should I Worry About Food Shortages?

With Russia withholding grain exports to feed its own people, recent rice crop failures in SE Asia and exhausted fisheries, are you surprised that food is getting scarcer? When will the ratio of rising population to available food reach critical mass? Well, if you get your food storage going and start that practice garden, you won’t have to spend nights staring at the ceiling and worrying.

You can’t be blind to the future as it’s playing out (DOOM) but you can do something about it.
Bulk food is never, ever going to be cheaper than it is right now! There’s never, ever going to be a better time to learn skills (like growing your own food) for a collapse situation than today!
If Nurse Amy and I can do it, so can you! (BLOOM)!

Dr. Bones

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