Giving Thanks

Well, another Thanksgiving is almost here. Nurse Amy and I always take a second to count our blessings and give thanks for all kind words and support we’ve received from the preparedness community.  In our opinion, our community has been one of the greatest forces for good that remain in these uncertain times.  The number of those who are taking responsibility for their own survival in tough times is increasing, and the 3% of the population that we comprise is slowly rising to 4%.

Preparedness and Concern for the Future

Mayan apocalypses aside, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the future.  We will face more and more challenges every year, as we all get a little poorer due to the state of the economy.  Some conflicts are winding down, but the problems in the areas involved aren’t going away.  New conflicts may loom on the horizon, and you can bet that your family will be affected down the road.

Preparedness: Be Ready

So, it makes sense more than ever to prepare for times of trouble, and we can be thankful that more and more people are doing it every year.  We’d like to thank some of the great preparedness websites that have posted our articles or linked to us in 2012; we can truly be grateful for their kind words, advice, and support.  Here are just some of the sites that you should visit to be ready for any survival situation:

and many others! If we missed your favorite site, let us know and we’ll add it to the above.

We’ll try to put up the links to all the above in the near future. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy










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