How to Grow Potatoes in Grow Bags!

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Sometimes things do workout in the world of gardening. In the summer I planted “seed” potatoes in some large plastic containers, only to find out what potato rot looks like! Yuk-a-doodle, what a stinky mess. Lesson learned, know your growing zone. Mine is 10b, very hot and humid. Not exactly potato growing weather. However, after some research, I learned that fall is a great time to get them started.

Seed Potatoes and Grow Bags

These growbags are made of a porous black fabric. I ordered more seed potatoes and sprayed them daily with water until eyes were formed. I only cut the biggest ones into smaller sizes, the others I planted whole. I put about 6 inches of organic soil mixed with some coconut coir. I made 3-4 inch holes with I sprinkled with some organic potato fertilizer and dried comfrey crushed leaves.

The potatoes were put into the holes and covered with the soil. I sprinkled mycoboost and kelp meal on the surface and mixed that into the top 1 inch of soil. I then covered the surface with about 3 inches of pine straw. The edges of the growbags were then folded down so the top of the pine straw was the highest point. After the potato plants grew 8 inches I added a mix of 50/50 potting soil and pine straw, with more potato fertilizer mixed in. They were covered until only the top 2 inches of the plant remained. As I filled the bags I unfolded the edges of the growbags to hold all the new soil. I continue to sprinkle some comfrey leaves over the new soil to prevent fungus. So far so good. They have been growing since December 1st, and should be ready for harvest in March. If you know your growing zone you should be more successful!

Amy Alton

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