Yummy Compost or Delicious Humus??

Compost or Humus?

What is Humus?

So what is humus? At first I thought it was a liquid you could pour into your soil. A sort of “compost tea”. It is a very confusing world. As I now understand it, humus is the “final” breakdown of compost into the end stage of organic digestion. Let’s say, it ain’t going anywhere after this. Humus has no nitrogen to give the plants anymore, it helps soil hold water and nutrients until the plant is ready for them.

If Mycorrhizae are the transporters, humus is the storage facility. Compost IS the nutrients that are held and transported.

What Does Compost Do?

Compost is filled with nutrients available to the plants, due to the initial breakdown of food waste, paper, plants, leaves, cardboard, and many other ingredients.
Humus will stay in undisturbed soil for many many years, it is not used up by plants. Compost feeds the plants and needs to be replaced on a regular basis.
I hope this helps a little bit, humus is a storage facility, compost is food, mycorrizae are truckers that move the food from the storage into the roots.
Nurse Amy

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