I WANT YOU for the Prepper Medical Corps(tm)!

Hey Preppers,

2012 is here, and some folks are concerned about the end of the Mayan calendar, solar flare activity, and all sorts of stuff that can tip society over the brink. Whether you believe these events will occur or not, it makes sense to be ready to serve as a medical resource for those you care about, just in case medical help is not accessible.

I’m dressed as Uncle Sam, and I’m pointing at you:  I WANT YOU for the Prepper Medical Corps(tm)!

Why Should You Think About Medical Preparedness?

Who, me? Yes, you!  You’re intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated just like every other Prepper, why not you? If the stuff hits the fan someday, you just might be all there is between your loved ones and a true medical emergency.

When you are the end of the line with regards to the medical well-being of your family or group, there are certain adjustments that have to be made.  Medical supplies must be accumulated and expanded.  Medical knowledge must be obtained and assimilated.  These medical supplies and knowledge must then be adjusted to fit the mindset that you must adopt in a collapse:  That things have changed for the long term, and that you are the sole medical provider when it comes to keeping your people healthy.  As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “You must do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. 

This is a huge responsibility and many will decide that they cannot bear the burden of being in charge of the medical care of others.  Others will find the fortitude to grit their teeth and wear the badge of “medic”.  These individuals may have some medical experience, but most will simply be fathers and mothers who understand that someone must be appointed to handle things when there are no doctors. If this reality first becomes apparent when a loved one becomes deathly ill, the likelihood that you will have the training and supplies needed to be an effective medical provider will be close to zero. 

Medical Training for a Collapse Situation

If you prepare, however, for the uncertain future by getting some medical education and training, you will be better equipped to handle 90% of the emergencies that you will see in a power-down scenario.  Some of this strategy involves storing medical supplies, and some involves a healthy dose of improvisation. Some of the techniques you see on our site are less effective than what modern medicine can offer;  it stands to reason that you’ll do better in an orthopedic hospital ward than if you make a splint out of two sticks and strips of your T-shirt. They will, though, at least give you a fighting chance to deal with just about every eventuality.

Hopefully, societal destabilization will never happen; if not,  natural catastrophes will tax even the most advanced medical delivery systems.  Medical personnel will be unlikely to be readily available to help you if they are dealing with mass casualty events. Even a few days without access to health care may be fatal in an emergency. Spending some time now to formulate a plan of action in these circumstances will be your “health insurance”. If you put a little time and effort into it, you will have:

·         Learned to think about what to do when today’s technology is no longer at your fingertips. 

·         Considered preventative medicine and sanitation.

·         Looked at your environment to see what plants might have medicinal value.

·         Put together a medical kit which, along with standard equipment, includes traditional medications and natural remedies. If you’d like to see what you should have in this kit, use our search engine or send the lovely Nurse Amy an email at drbonespodcast@aol.com and she’ll show you what she’s put together.

All of the above won’t make you a doctor, but you’ll be more of a medical asset to your survival community that you are now. Most importantly, you will have become medically prepared to face the very uncertain future; and after all, isn’t that what you wanted to accomplish in the first place?

Dr. Bones

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