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    Preparedness and Survival

    Some say that preparedness has its origin in the animal kingdom.  Squirrels, foxes, chipmunks, and various other animals store or bury food which they dig up in the winter to get through lean times. Even though it is instinctual behavior, they are assuring their survival in a way that we can all learn from.  When human beings realize that tough times are on the way, a relatively small percentage also start preparing, and these people are the ones that will succeed if everything else fails.  It’s simple evolution theory, but instead of survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the prep-est!
    Preparedness is similar to the concept of insurance.  It’s fairly standard for a person to purchase health, life, disability and other kinds of insurance.  This doesn’t mean that we want to get sick or disabled, and certainly not die, but it is simply our effort to prepare ourselves and our families for any eventuality. 

    Preparedness and Preparing For the Worst

    Becoming a “prepper” is the same line of thinking.  We prepare as a form of insurance to be certain that there will be food, medical supplies, and all the other things we need to survive.  In a collapse situation, most of these necessities will be hard or impossible to obtain.  By putting some time, effort and money into accumulating tangible items, we will be able to ensure our well-being if the worst happens. We certainly don’t want disasters to occur, but we want to be ready to withstand hard times.  It’s the intelligent thing to do, and with a little planning, it’s an achievable goal. 
    We all, in the back of our minds, are concerned about the massive calamity:  The perfect storm, solar flares, terrorist attacks, economic collapse, and any of a number of events that could turn our fragile civilization into a nightmare for our citizens.  We call it “the end of the world as we know it”.  These events are horrific, to be sure, but “the end of the world” doesn’t have to be nationwide or worldwide; it can just as easily be personal.  Losing a family member or your employment can easily throw a family into disarray.  By storing food and other essential items, the “personal apocalypse” can be a BUMP in the road instead of the END of the road.
    Dr. Bones

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