Medical REALITIES in a Collapse Situation!

End of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI)

Why You Should Have Medical Training

There are  many levels of medical training available now and I encourage you to learn as much as you can, especially if you plan to be your family, group or community medic.

However, IF you are strictly learning the material for collapse medicine scenarios, this is what would suggest: I would disconnect myself from “stabilization” methods of patient care and focus on “end-of-the-line” patient care. There is a HUGE difference. Every medical training programs for outside of the hospital setting  teaches stabilization and transfer techniques, but if there are NO hospitals left, where is your “stabilized” patient going? That’s right, nowhere!! It’s just you and whatever medical supplies you stockpiled.

So what if your patient has a heart attack and his heart stops? Needs an IV and oxygen for hypovolemia ( low circulating blood volume)? Has internal bleeding from a gunshot? Their foot turns black and the skin is rotting off? Gets a severe third degree burn of most of their body? What then? Probably not a lot. These injuries require machines and hospitals stocked with expensive equiptment and most likely, operating rooms.

End of Line Medical Training

Focus on learning skills YOU can perform with a good, well stocked medical kit. You can’t BE a hospital, and that’s reality. Learn treatments for burns, lacerations, respiratory, infections, shock, and abcesses  just to mention a few.

There are a lot of medical problems that you WILL be able to take care of IF you take the time to read a few medical books, store medical supplies and obtain training for common emergencies and medical problems. Focus on the positive and you will be an effective medic for your survival community!

Nurse Amy

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