Modern day Victory Gardens

What is a Victory Garden?

Hey Prepper Nation,

During WWII, we experienced a number of shortages, and food was one of them.  The government encouraged us to plant Victory Gardens to grow food, supplementing our diet and encouraging self-sufficiency. In all, 20 million gardens were planted!   Today, more and more people are starting their own home vegetable gardens, and this is very good news!  Even First Lady Michele Obama has joined the club, setting up and maintaining a vegetable garden on the White House grounds.  Even if you don’t care for the current administration, this is one thing that, without a doubt, they have gotten right.

Victory Gardens are a great way to learn those skills that your grandparents (or great-grandparents) were proficient at, but that we have mostly lost.  Given our dependence on technology, we haven’t felt the need to learn basic things like growing our own food, and we are poorer for it.  I don’t just mean money-wise, I’m talking about the sense of accomplishment you get from planting a seed and holding a veggie in your hands that exists because of your commitment to become self-reliant!  Even if you’re talking money, look at the prices in the grocery store for some of the things that you could grow in your garden.  That ain’t chicken feed!

Why Grow A Victory Garden?

We’ve been spoiled by long-distance food transport.  How amazing is it that we can buy bananas in Montana in January?  We won’t be able to depend on this if a collapse occurs one day, so learn what grows in your area at what time of year.  Try to grow different vegetables, see what works in your garden.  Getting through the learning curve in growing food is something that should be done now, so that you will be an accomplished grower by the time you actually need to be to survive.

Anyone can learn to grow food.  Even if you live in a small apartment in New York City, you have enough space on your kitchen counter to grow a nutritious “crop” of sprouts.  If you have a balcony or a patio, you can grow vegetables in containers.  Even if your soil isn’t perfect, you can place a raised bed or two in your yard, and get some good soil and compost into it.  There’s a lot of way to get a garden together; make yours that special place where you can sit, read a book, and get back to nature.

Humans have a natural curiosity to learn new things.  Use yours to read some homesteading articles. Learn how to make good soil, and put some seeds in the ground.  Theodore Roosevelt once said: “9/10ths of wisdom is being wise in time”.  Be a Victory Gardener, and I promise you will be plenty wise in plenty of time.  If Nurse Amy and I can do it, YOU sure can!  So get started today on your victory garden.

Dr. Bones

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