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    We had the privilege of attending the Self Reliance Expo in Hickory, NC last weekend and want to express our appreciation to the people of the Carolinas for their warm reception and support. Colorado  Ron Douglas  and Bubba DaVinci really know how to  put on a show, and they had a great lineutimes rounds around, as always.

    Our good friend Vickilynn Haycraft started it off with a big hug and some of her  homemade bread (didn’t last friend; another good buddy and fellow PRN host Donna Miller was just catty-corner from our booth and we enjoyed hearing about her continuing project of putting together a retreat on some family land.  We also had the opportunity to say hi to the third part of this terrific trio, Sylvia Britton, later in the day.

    YouTube star David Kobler of Practical Preppers  was there with a lot of great advice, and the king of Preparedness podcasters, the great Jack Spirko, brought his crew of loyal listeners to a fun greet and greet, as spoke about permaculture.  We hope that we get to see his lovely wife Dorothy in future podcasts; she’s awesome!

                                               That Ol’ Rascal Jack Spirko

    We were gratified to see important survival magazines represented, with Dave Duffy representing Backwoods Home, Mike Yates there for Self-Reliance Illustrated, and Tiffany Rockwell of Survival Quarterly braving the Man-Cave that is the booth of the Equip2Endure crew.  Speaking of E2E, they spent a lot of their time doing videos and giving a lot of great vendors some camera time.

    The crew from Mainstream Preppers were there, and we will be supporting their efforts to get info out to the public in the near future.  Jim and Kim and the rest of the gang from the Appleseed Project were also at the Expo, teaching safe Riflery and American History in one fell swoop.  gas support this great organization and will hand out their flyers everywhere that we go.  Of course, we can’t fail to mention our friends Jeff “the Berkey Guy” Gleason and David Safewater of LPC Survival, as well as Doctor Prepper and Dennis Schulz oF Aquapail.

    We were honored to meet William R. Forstchen, the author of One Second After,  an awesome survival fiction (fiction so far, i mean).

    Our suture/staple classes were full, as usual, and a lot of our students showed a real aptitude to the topic as well as enthusiasm.  Remember, guys, we taught you a skill, not a trade!

    There were many other nice people that we wish we could have spent more time with during our sojourn in the Tarheel state:  The nice folks at Carolina Readiness, Richard Raborn, M.D., and Rich Davis and Steve Nolan of the Charlotte Prepcon that we attended the previous week (an excellent event as well). Although this will be our final Carolina event this year, we hope to come back to the area in the Spring to participate in many more events.

    One last thank you to Jim Miller of Self-Reliance Illustrated Magazine for his review of “The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook” in their latest issue!

    Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

    Are YOU ready to deal with medical issues in situations where medical help is NOT on the way?  With the Survival Medicine Handbook, you’ll have a head start on keeping your family healthy in a disaster scenario.  Check the trailer out at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb3vdQecUPM

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