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     Here’s a sample of what a suburban homestead can grow. We have potatoes in the growbags, two herb gardens, several tomato plants, several peas, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, onions, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and several varieties of hot peppers!

    How Do We Do Container Gardening?

    I drill holes into the bottoms, and sometimes the sides of the containers and fill them with either gardening or potting soil mixed with coconut coir. I add some organic fertilizers, myccoboost and dried, crushed comfrey leaves. I water them from using my fish pond water every 2-3 days. I regularly spray them with organic, natural “pesticide” compounds. I also use DE ( diamtomaceous earth) to prevent pests as part of my container gardening which I sprinkle all over the plants. We also have several raised beds outside filled with many different plants, but I will get some pictures of them and post them here soon. I love growing our own food! Can you believe our HOA is demanding I kill not only everything in the raised beds but also kill my fruit trees! I’m in the middle of fighting that battle, but I assure you I will prevail! No ones going to tell me I can’t grow food! Wish me luck…

    Amy Alton

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    How to Grow Potatoes in Grow Bags!