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    Hey Preppers,

    It’s always great to go somewhere new and meet folks in the preparedness community.  The Popular Mechanics event was an event headlined by a few well-known TV hosts like Chris Grundy of Cool Tools on the DIY network, Mikel Hawke of Man, Woman, Wild, and Colby Donaldson of Top Shot, although some well-known preppers like Survival Mom, Doctor Prepper, Jeff Gleason the Berkey Guy, and others either spoke or were there exhibiting.

    Dr. Bones gave a short talk on Survival Medicine and was able to talk about some major issues that could affect people in the aftermath of tornadoes and other storms that sometimes hit NW Arkansas and the rest of Tornado Alley here in the middle of the country.  There were some awesome exhibits by some great vendors, and we were glad we came.

    We’ll be in Colorado Springs for the Self-Reliance Expo in mid-May, so keep a look out for our posts as the event approaches, as we’ll be doing suturing classes and other neat hands-on stuff that you’ll want to get involved in!

    Nurse Amy


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    Doom and Bloom Hour #19 with Ray Gano on March 31,2012
    Popular Mechanics Home Safety Prep Show, with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy