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Hey Prepper Nation,
Whenever I surf the web to read news stories and blogs it strikes me how diverse the population of preppers are. I’ve read blogs by young homesteaders, older farm owners, city dwellers of every race and creed, and people that are up and down the political spectrum. All of them are preparing by storing food, starting gardens, learning first aid, and communicating with others in the preparedness community.

Diversity in the Preparedness Community

I’ve read news stories about fiscal conservatives getting ready for a possible financial collapse, and I’ve read stories about liberal conservationists getting ready for global warming. There are stories about Black preppers, Jewish preppers, preppers who think a societal collapse began yesterday and some who think it’ll likely never happen. Religious folk, those who aren’t, and those somewhere in between are obtaining knowledge that they grandparents had. All of them, however, are doing the same thing. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.
I occasionally come across blogs from people, again of every stripe, who belittle the prepper movement as being based on fear and violence, partially because preppers may have, as part of their storage, guns and ammunition. An older lady who calls herself a “farm housewife” says that city dwellers planning a garden are “desperate”.
I beg to differ. It’s great that she was born into the skills that many of us are just learning, but I don’t subscribe to the preparedness mindset because I’m scared, or have an itchy trigger finger.
Humans are born with a natural intellectual curiosity and are always interested in learning something new. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you have a veggie in your hand that exists because you planted a seed, and learned to care for the plant that come from it. You didn’t plant that seed out of fear, you planted it out of hope; hope for a better future and to learn the ability to succeed if everything else fails. Common sense is part of it too. So many possible scenarios exist that could cause times of trouble, isn’t it just common sense that one of them might just come to fruition one day? Getting ready is just a consequence of being aware.
So, tell those Doom and Gloomers and naysayers that you’re prepping because you have accepted a challenge: To do well if things go south, to keep your loved ones fed, healthy, and protected, and to help your community. In other words, insert Bloom wherever you see Gloom! Maybe they’ll come over to your way of thinking, and if the world does, you might get a lot of hopeful, rational people that are self-reliant! And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? ┬áJust my take on preparedness.
Dr. Bones

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