EcoZoom’s Dura Rocket Stove

EcoZoom’s Dura Rocket Stove
By Amy Alton, ARNP
We are commonly asked what some of our favorite gadgets for preparedness are. One area we feel is an absolute necessity is an off grid biomass cooking stove. The easiest off grid stove we have found so far is the EcoZoom’s Dura Rocket Stove.

We have tested this off grid stove and appreciate the efficiency of energy used while cooking, and especially while boiling water. It is simple to set up and can use twigs and wood. If you have newspaper, crumple that up and place in the chamber to help light the twigs and then the bigger sticks of wood. If you want a faster startup time, you may consider these fuel disks on Amazon: Shefko Red Fuels.

The stove itself is sturdy and abrasion-resistant so it doesn’t look beat up even after a few uses. Thank goodness it is easy to clean up because no one likes the mess after a good meal. One handy hint: Use foil under your cooking skillet or pot to prevent any black soot from accumulating. Just remove the foil and you keep the item clean underneath.

A special feature is the pot skirt (may be a separate purchase), which is a galvanized steel ring to place over the top of the stove around a pot to direct heat up around the pot surface for greater surface heat. Another feature is that the handles of the stove are covered in silicone grips, so they don’t become too hot to use if you need to move the stove right after use.

The dimensions of the EcoZoom Dura Rocket Stove are 11 ½ inches high by 10 ¾ inches wide. The whole stove weighs only 10.25 lbs. It is great for preppers, camping, RV trips, and even in your own backyard. Another version of this stove, with an air chamber under the fuel door, is the Ecozoom Versa Rocket Stove.

Here is a video from EcoZoom on how to safely use the stove:

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