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    Survival Medicine and Medical Conditions

    I often get questions from people that say, I take this medicine or that medicine for this medical problem.  What do I do if there’s a collapse and I can’t get modern medical care, what if help is NOT on the way?  I usually say, well, what did your doctor say?  Well, I haven’t really asked.  OK, how bad is your condition?  Umm, I’m not too sure…I haven’t really asked that, either but the doctor wants me to do this test…What’s the test for?   I’m not really sure, but I’m supposed to get it done….oh, brother….I get this a lot!

    If you’re accumulating  all this knowledge as a prepper, learning how to grow food, how to store preps,  taking responsibility for your family’s survival, why not take responsibility for your own health?  I want everyone that’s on medication for a medical condition to ask your doctor some questions.  Sometimes the answers to these questions are simple, and sometimes they’re complex.  Now These are the things I SHOULD have been asked, and that you should ask your doctor, if you haven’t yet…..

    Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

    Doctor, why did you decide to put me on that medicine?  What kinds of medical problems will I avoid if I take this medicine?

    Doctor, what kinds of side effects can this medicine cause?  For example, some blood pressure pills will decrease your sex drive!

    Doctor, Is there a natural alternative to the medicine I’m prescribing?  You might have to depend of natural products one day, why not try it now and see if it really works?  If you want to check it out yourself, just google “natural remedies for ___________”

    Doctor, would you be willing to monitor me, if I decide to try a natural alternative?   Don’t be surprised if your doctor balks at this, but ask him:  What’s the harm of trying it for a month?

    Doctor, would my condition improve if I changed my diet or lifestyle?  When I was delivering babies at 3am, my diet consisted of whatever was in the vending machines.  I got a little chunky, and my blood pressure went up.  When I got my weight down, I was normal!

    Doctor, will this new medicine change the way my other medicines work, or their effectiveness?  A lot of people have more than 1 medical condition and see more than 1 doctor.  They don’t always realize that you’re already on drugs that could interact with the one he/she wants to put you on.

    Doctor, this test you want me to take, what are the things you’re looking for?    If a doctor asks you to do a test out of the blue, ask what he is worried that he might find.

    Doctor, are there risks to this test?  CT scans of the chest and abdomen, for example, give the equivalent radiation exposure of having 100 standard chest x-rays!

    Doctor, Is this test or medicine absolutely necessary? What happens if I don’t take this medicine or don’t do this test?  You might be surprised at the answer.

    Knowledge is power, the more you learn, the more in charge you are of your own life!  If I was told I had diabetes, I would ask my doctor for every piece of literature that he or she had on the topic.  I’d be at the local bookstore the next day, and by the end of the week, I’d have a small library on the subject (not to mention a lot of computer files!).  Use every resource to get a better handle on what your medical problem is, what your medicine does, and what alternatives there are. This is key to medical preparedness.

    Wishing you the best of health,

    Dr. Bones

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