Raw Honey is Medicine!

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I love honey, always have and always will. My love of honey has grown deeper as I discover all the wonderful properties it possesses. As my research into alternative natural remedies has progressed I find RAW, unprocessed honey (the ONLY honey you should buy) mentioned in nearly every source I find, so I thought I would share some of that information with you.

I have said many times before that, IF a true disaster occurs, eventually all of us will run out of pharmaceutical medications. No question about it, they will either get used up or become expired (after a long time) and useless. So you need to learn how to live without antibiotics produced in a lab.

Honey has been used for thousands of years for it’s healing properties. It was commonly used until WW II, when lab antibiotics came into fashion. The use of honey is called apitherapy, which includes replenishing energy, enhancing physical stamina, and improving immune systems. Honey is produced in the bee’s gut and is then regurgitated into wax cells within the hive. This gut production is part of the reason for honey’s healing and antimicrobial properties. It forms a hydrogen peroxide effect in wounds and destroys bacteria, including MRSA and strep infections.

Raw Honey, Wounds, and Burns

Within wounds, honey not only destroys bacterial infections, it creates a moist healing environment that allows skin cells to regrow naturally. This helps prevent raised scarring. Honey both prevents and kills bacterial infections. It has an acidic pH that is inhospitable for bacteria. It also has an osmotic effect which kills by drawing out fluid from the bacteria. Several studies have shown honey heals wounds better and faster, with a dramatic decrease in infection rates, especially in burn injuries. Apply to cuts, scrapes, burns of any depth if medical help is NOT available, rashes, or any open skin injury, after good wound cleaning.

In the event of a severe second degree burn or any third degree burn, immediate medical help should be sought. In the event this help is not available, using RAW honey would be the best choice for healing and prevention of infection. Do not rinse off the honey, just add more at least once daily and cover with plastic wrap or a clean linen or cotton wrap to hold the honey in place. Severe burn patients are at a serious risk for many problems and need to be monitored by the best medical personnel possible.

Honey is known to have a calming effect on the mind and promotes sleep. It may have a positive effect on heart disease by reducing C-reactive protein levels. Honey may reduce blood sugar levels and help stabilize wild swings of high and low levels. It has also been shown to have antiviral properties and is used frequently to help combat colds and influenza. Honey is helpful in the treatment and prevention of oral infections and disease. It soothes a sore throat and speeds healing of a strep throat infection.

Make sure you store honey as part of your preparedness plan. It never spoils or goes bad. If it crystallizes, just heat it up just a little and it will be as good as new!

One more important piece of advice: Manuka honey is NO different then regular honey. They claim it is made from “tea tree” pollen, however, the “tea tree” they site is a relative, and  is NOT the true tea tree called melaleuca (just check your tea tree oil label). This is a fraud perpetrated to make money from unsuspecting customers.

Buy your local honey, save money AND reduce allergies. Local honey is made by bees from pollen that you might be allergic to. However, the minute doses of this allergen in the honey is like an ALLERGY SHOT and will help desensitize you to that pollen. That’s right, it helps decrease or eliminate allergies caused by your local environment. So eat the honey produced in your area and you will be healthier and save money!


Nurse Amy

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