Red Pepper Dehydrating

How to Dehydrate Red Peppers

Here’s how to dehydrate red peppers.  Here are the red peppers I dehydrated overnight. Very easy processing! Wash them and then cut off the tops.
Place the peppers on the trays and dry at 125 degrees for 12-15 hours. When finished the tips will be dry and firm. You’ve just dehydrated red pepppers.

How to Make Crushed Red Peppers and Store Them

To make crushed red peppers place a few peppers in a blender or food processor on a chop setting. Filter the chopped peppers through a sieve to separate the flakes from the powder. If you want more chili powder keep them in the blender for a longer time.
Food storage will be based on your plans for usage. I used old glass herb bottles because my family will be using these in the near future. For long term storage I suggest a vacuum pack.
One important suggestion is a lesson I learned…be careful when removing the top of the blender or food processor! Chili powder will float out of the top and straight into your eyes, mouth, nose and lungs…not a fun experience!  You now know how to dehydrate red peppers.

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