Resist Monoculture!

What is Monoculture?

Resist Monoculture When Growing Your Survival Garden

Hey Preppers,

Monoculture is when only one strain of a particular crop is used universally. This is commonly done in many places, but is, in my humble opinion, a bad idea!

Why is Monoculture a Bad Idea?

In India a few years ago, the rice crop was mostly one species, and when a blight hit that particular species, it caused a widespread famine. If it wasn’t for different species planted by small farms, it would have been a lot worse.

When you get your practice garden growing in preparation for a collapse situation, plant various types of, say, tomatoes and see how they grow in your climate. You’ll probably get several varieties that grow well and produce in quantity. Save these heirloom seeds, and store them, making sure that you mark the species in your storage containers. If you store several varieties, you’ll likely prevent the failure of any one variety to produce being a major issue for your family or survival group. Make this your strategy, and your family will never go hungry!

All of the tomatoes in the picture above were grown in containers on our patio. Lack of space is not a problem if you plan your plantings, amend your soil for maximum fertility and make sure your plants get plenty of sun. In the WWII era, many families that never grew their own food before put together what were called Victory Gardens. These people were able to produce, on their own little plots, 50% of the fruits and vegetables they needed during those dark times.
If they could do it, and if Nurse Amy and I can do it, so can you!

Dr. Bones

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