Save the Herbs

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Growing your own food is only one step towards becoming a prepper. Now you have food, but how do you make it last? What meals can you create with this stored food? Dehydrating is a great way to save your beautiful food for long term storage! Get a good dehydrator now. They are a perfect way to save your food for the future.

Preparedness: What Can Be Dehydrated?

Almost anything can be dehydrated. Even pureed fruit can be made into a great fruit rollup or leather. If you don’t have a garden yet you can buy canned or frozen food and pop them into a dehydrator. Store them in vacuum packed bags or mason jars. Keep them away from heat and light.

Herbs and Preparedness

Herbs can be stored long-term, again, from your garden or the store. Herbs make or break a good meal! To dehydrate the herbs, wash them and pull off the leaves. Dry them with a towel or paper towel. Place them on the screen or tray and put them into the dehydrator on the lowest setting. Depending on how much moisture exists inside the herb will determine the time it takes to “dry” out. Check on them every couple of hours. If you are doing different herbs at the same time you may need to remove the finished herbs and allow the rest to finish. After removing them, crush them in your hands and put them into a vacuum pack. Your family will love your meals with delicious flavors added!
So, get busy dehydrating today!!
Nurse Amy

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