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    The Importance of Mycorrhizae

    Research over the years has supported the fact that cultivated or landscaped soils throughout America lack the benefit of microorganisims that are associated with helping the root system of plants. What does this mean?? Well it means we have been dumping CHEMICALS into our land that kill off needed bacteria and fungi. We are killing our living soil.

    These fungi are called mycorrhizae. They are responsible for moving both water and nutrients INTO the plant root systems. No fungi=poor growth. They also provide defense against disease. No fungi=plant death.
    They form a barrier around the roots which move water and nutrients into the root system and without this barrier the roots are left to there own defenses. Water and nutrients are not absorbed as efficently and the plant suffers hardship.

    How Do I Get Mycorrhizae  on My Plants?

    So what can you do? Mycorrhizae fungi is VITAL to your plants health, so add it to the seeds before planting ( see my picture of corn seeds covered in a paste of micorrihizae and water), or add it to a watering can and pour it onto the base of the plant.
    All the fertilizers and compost in the world cannot do a better job keeping your plant healthier than this fungi!! The plant will be more drought tolerant and grow healthier and stronger.
    Over 95% of the plants on this planet have a DEPENDENCY with these microorganisms and cannot adequately take up water or nutrients without them. They may live, but not very well.
    Our soil is our life source.
    I add this to all of my raised beds and container plants. Peas and legumes need a special innoculant called Rhizobium which is a nitrogen fixing bacteria, but everything else needs Mycorrhizae.
    So,please, don’t kill your soil “zoo” it is as vital as the plants growing in the soil. Even grass needs mycorrhizae! Think before you spray!
    Wishing you a healthier soil and plants!
    Nurse Amy

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