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    Hey Preppers,

    Nurse Amy and I are just getting back from our trip to Colorado Springs’ Self-Reliance Expo, and we were happy to meet a lot of dedicated preparedness folk from the great state of Colorado.  Amy was a member of the panel “Women of Prepping” along with Lisa Bedford (The Survival Mom), Jackie Clay and Patrice Lewis of Backwoods Home magazine, and Kellene Bishop (The Preparedness Pro).  This panel fielded all sorts of questions about prepping and the attendance was impressive.  One of the questions related to what medical supplies were important to have stored up, and it worked out perfectly, as our lecture on that subject directly followed the panel discussion.

    As usual, we had a lot of interest in our suture classes and we’re glad that we focus on when NOT to close a wound as well as how to throw a stitch.  The recent headline about the young woman who developed a life-threatening infection from a zipline injury was especially pertinent here.  Her laceration was stapled shut and, apparently, sequestered some very dangerous bacteria in the wound closure.  As such, she has lost a leg and is still not out of danger.  To the credit of all our students, they were just as interested in learning alternative methods of closure and treatment of wounds left open as how to suture.

                                                                                                   Nurse Amy and Karen Hood

    The keynote speaker was Karen Hood (wife of the late, great Ron Hood) and it was a real pleasure to meet her.  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see an article from us in Survival Quarterly one day….

    Other awesome attendees that we got to see included:

    Adam Francis, Robbie Oliver, and a passel of great guys (plus one wonder dog)  from Equip 2 Endure

    Jeff Gleason and David Safewater from LPC Survival

    Joel and the rest of the crew from Forge Survival (Survivalcache.com)

    Darren Craddock from Enerhealth

    Dennis and the one and only Doctor Prepper from Aquapail

    The Freeze Dry Guy

    Dave Duffy and family from Backwoods Home Magazine

    USNER Doc (I’m told he calls me “Dr. Doom” on his youtube Expo review, lol.  Thanks for adding some tips for the suture class)

    Tom Martin of American Preppers Network

    James Hubbard (our friend the “Survival Doctor”)

    Wilson and Chaya of Pantry Paratus

    Jeri McFarlane from Jarbox.com

    Jax and the guys from Project Appleseed

    Brad Stieg of Tatler Reusable Canning Lids

    Heather Douglas and Jenn Valencia

    and many, many other nice folk who came by the booth to ask questions and to offer kind words and support.  Special thanks to Marc Storm for helping out in the Doom and Bloom(tm) booth while we were giving lectures and classes.


    If you missed us in Colorado Springs, you’ll still be able to see us in Houston June 2nd with Popular Mechanics, at the Atlanta Blade Show June 8-10, and at future Self-Reliance Expos in Dallas on July 27-8, Hickory, NC 9/14-15, and Mesa, Arizona 10/25-6 (whew!).  Florida folks will get to see us at various meetups as well.

    Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy







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    Popular Mechanics Home Safety Prep Tour 6/2, Houston
    Suture Class Colorado Springs May 18 and 19, 2012