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Self-Reliance and Preparedness

Hey Preppers,

We spent the weekend at the Self Reliance Expo at Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City.  The brainchild of Ron Douglas, the Self Reliance Expo is finishing its third year of events and is one of  premier gatherings of preppers in the country.  Along with Scott Valencia, Ron has put together a wide variety of exhibitors, speakers and products for you to come see, and all with a single purpose:  To help you be more prepared for times of trouble.

We were set up in an area where we could broadcast and had extra space so that Nurse Amy and I could present a hands-on class on suturing, which we did for a group of 10 using pig’s feet as a tissue sample.  We gave a presentation on the importance of knowing when to suture and when to leave a wound open. This knowledge is more important from a proper healing standpoint than knowing suture technique itself. Our students were a mixed bag of enthusiastic people who were interested in learning a new skill that, in a world with modern medical care, might come in very handy.  I have to say that they all did very well, and it made me want to offer one of these classes at every event we attend.  I want to give special thanks to Dr. Christine Princeton, a recent medical school graduate, for her help in providing assistance in giving personal attention to all our attendees.  Christine, aka Littledoc, is the medical moderator for the American Prepper Network forum and manned the APN booth. Make sure to check out her blog

Collapse Medicine

We were invited to give 2 lectures on Collapse Medicine, which were well received.  We put together DVDs of both lectures combined with narration for those who were unable to make both days.  We also, for the first time, offered practice suture kits for sale for those who are
interested in the subject.  Since our tutorial on suturing is on YouTube, people can follow along using the same instruments we used.  We have a few DVDs and Suture Kits left, so anyone wanting one or the other can contact:  Each one is $20 plus shipping.I have to say that the folks in Utah are as nice as you could imagine, and the fact that the entire culture of the area is naturally interested in preparedness made it seem like a gathering of like minds.  Our friend Jack Spirko was there with his wife, and gave us some of his valuable time as one of our broadcast guests.  Of course, John Milandred was there on behalf of the network.  Altogether, we met and had constructive conversations with so many people it’s impossible to list them all, but I want to at least mention Ed Corcoran of Survivalist, George Shepard of Republic, Phil Burns of Utah Preppers, Doctor Prepper, Corey from Flojak, Jeff Gleason the Berkey Guy and Darren Craddock fron Enerhealth.
Nurse Amy and I want to thank the people of both Utah and Colorado for their support during the recent expos.  To all, we invite you to contact us at with any questions or comments.

Dr. Bones

To read more about medical training classes, click here.

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