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    Nurse Amy and Dr Bones

    Preparedness and Event Networking

    Hey Preppers,

    If you’ve never gone to a preparedness expo/conference, you’re really missing out on a great way to connect with a lot of like-minded people!  Nurse Amy and I were honored to be invited to speak at the latest Self Reliance Expo in Denver, Colorado.  The Self-Reliance Expo is the brainchild of Ron Douglas, who has been putting on shows like this for the last three years.

    We were scheduled for 2 lectures, one on each day of the expo.  We were excited, as we were joined on the speaker list by such self-reliance and preparedness notables as Jack Spirko and Dave Canterbury . Of course, we talked about medical strategies for collapse situations, and were gratified to see not only a lot of interested preppers, but a large percentage of the same folk coming the next day for lecture #2.  This was awesome, although I did wind up telling a lame Tim Tebow joke 2 days in a row; it must have been good, as it got laughs the second time around!

    Our  Collapse Medicine Broadcast

    We also broadcasted live both days for 3 hours, and got to talk to all sorts of interesting people who have figured out all sorts of ways to help you get prepared for times of trouble.  From food storage to water collection to underground shelters, I was both impressed with the products and the people selling them.  The grand majority are truly committed to putting together products that will make life livable in a collapse, while enriching that life in good times.  A lot of them have interesting life stories, and it just goes to show that the journey to preparedness may take many paths.

    It isn’t possible to list all of the great Expo sponsers, but here is Jeff, the Berkey Guy, who not only has great products, but also a podcast and a new blog!

    The Berkey Guy

    So, if you get a chance to attend one of Ron Douglas’ Self-Reliance Expos (next one’s in early October in Salt Lake City), don’t just look over the goods.  Attend the lectures, talk to the exhibitors and get to know some of your fellow attendees.  In an area where many of us feel isolated and alone, these events (and there are various that are held throughout the country by various enterprises) will make you feel that you are part of a greater mission.  These people are not prepping out of desperation or fear, and there is a general feeling of positivity that epitomizes, for us, the true philosophy of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Show.

    Just to let you know, we weren’t selling anything at the Expo, we were just there to pass along information that we think will make our audience a better medical asset to their families or community in the event of a collapse. (I will say that we’re putting together a DVD of our lecture, which will be available in the near future. There’s also a collapse medical guide in the works)

    This week, September 22, 2011, on The Doom and Bloom ™ Show our special guest will be Dave Canterbury . Please join us at 8 pm central/ 9pm Eastern. The show link will be posted on www.doomandbloom.net before 7pm Thursday.

    Here is the show link:

    Doom and Bloom Show with Dave Canterbury 9/22
    Dr. Bones

    Jack Spirko and Dr Bones

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