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    We’ve spent the last month touring the state of Florida teaching our suturing/stapling/wound care class and we’re finally ready to do one in our own backyard down here in South Florida!

    Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will be holding a suturing/stapling class in South Florida on Sunday, February 24, at 1 pm at Markham Park.  The class will
    cover how to suture, how to staple, when to leave a wound open, when to close a wound, open and closed wound care, how to identify infected wounds, and much more.  There will be an unlimited question and answer session after the class and you will be able to check out our various medical kits and their contents. The lecture portion of the class will be free to all, but up to 24 students can register for the hands-on portion of the class for $60 (you get to keep your instruments and an additional practice suture). If interested, contact Nurse Amy at drbonesclass@aol.com.

    Dr. Bones




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    Suture and Staple Class Schedule 2013
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