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    How to Succeed in a Collapse Situation

    With preparedness, it’s the simple things that count, especially when it comes to staying healthy.  We’ve talked about your eyes before, but I want to just mention a couple of things.  Wear eye protection every time you go out there and chop wood or do anything that could send things flying.  You don’t forget to use eye protection when you’re at the range, do you?  Of course not!  If you want some more encouragement, just Google “eye injury” photos! That’ll give you a chill up your spine, and hopefully some motivation. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses whenever you’re out in the sun.  Not only will you look really cool, dude, you’ll prevent that harmful UV light from causing damage to your retinas that can lead to cataracts. 
    Don’t forget your gloves, too.  Last fall, I was fiddling around in some property we have in the Tennessee Mountains without gloves, and I got a wonderful case of poison ivy or something equally delightful. I figured out it wasn’t chiggers or some other kind of insect, but wasn’t ever completely certain what it was.  You’d think I’d spend a little time making sure what plants are on my own property,  but once I get hacking on all those vines, I get in the zone and you can’t stop me.  So don’t be a dummy like me, wear your work gloves anytime you do stuff outside, and keep an eye out for nasty plants and critters.
    What I’m trying to say here is:  An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.  I was scratching my skin off for 2 weeks after my poison ivy adventure, and I could have avoided it just by wearing gloves.  If you wear sunglasses, you might avoid needing cataract surgery when you’re older.  If things ever go down the drain, try to find an eye doctor!
    The moral is:  The survival community that spends time working on PREVENTING illness and injury is the one that is going to prosper while others are just barely surviving.  I’m not saying that you don’t need to have your garden growing and your food and other supplies stored, or know how to handle a weapon if you have to. I’m just saying that you have to have Band-Aids along with all those beans and bullets.  The more you work on preventing problems, the longer those precious Band-Aids and any other medical supplies you stockpiled are going to last if things go south.
    Even if you’ve stockpiled medicines, they are eventually going to run out.  And if you listened to our program on how to make penicillin at home, you know that it’s unlikely that people will have a whole lot of success making quality antibiotics or other medicines at home.  So whatever you’ve put together is probably all you’re going to have.  That means that you’re going to have to depend on what’s in your environment or in your garden for medicinal treatments at one point or another.
    Have you gotten together your medicinal herb garden together yet?   Get started, a lot of these plants grow like weeds, well, because most of them ARE weeds.  Some like sun, some like shade; there’s a place somewhere in your yard where you can put these plants covertly.  Some of them make pretty flowers, and will look just like another part of the landscaping for you suburbanites.  Most grow just fine in pots for you city dwellers.  
    Keep your focus on prevention and start getting your medicinal garden going.  If you do, you’ll have a head start on success, if everything else fails!
    Dr. Bones


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