Surgical vs N95 Masks, What’s the Difference

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Survival Medicine Medical Supplies: Surgical Masks

There are two types of masks that you should consider for your medical storage. The standard surgical mask is simple and loose fitting. This is the mask a sick person wears to prevent viral and bacterial droplets from escaping from the mouth and nose into the air. During coughing and sneezing, “sick” particles can fly around and can land on a healthy person or onto a surface. Surgical masks stop these particles inside the mask and help prevent others from getting sick also.

The N-95, or respirator has a built-in filter which will stop the particles from entering the healthy person and infecting them. They are more expensive and need to be used only by the group medic or caregiver. Stockpile both types of masks and use them accordingly.

Collapse Situations and Health Concerns

In a collapse situation it will be critical to keep everyone healthy. Keep sick people at a safe distance of at least 6 feet from healthy members of your group. This can be a sick room or area that isolates contagious individuals.  Clean and disinfect surfaces that come in contact with a sick person. Bag and dispose of any waste items away from the healthy members and mark those bags as hazardous.

To stay healthy, practice a strict sanitation routine. Frequent hand washing and use of sanitizers is important. Stockpile large containers of disinfectants and learn how to use them properly. A little time spent learning preventative medicine will help you get a head start on keeping your survival community healthy.

The best of health to you!

Nurse Amy

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