Survival Community Garden Update

Survival Prepper Community Corn growing!

Survival Prepper Community Garden New Tomato Trellis

Community Survival Garden

Today we visited our prepper group community garden. It was high time we weeded all of the grow beds! The tomatoes were growing and needed a trellis for support. We used a fencing material in a snake shape supported with 5 feet stakes in the ground.

The tomato plants were then tied to the trellis with garden tape loosely. The picture shows the plants tied to the trellis while we were still working. You can see some of the other tomato plants still lying on the ground on the left side of the picture. There is lettuce planted in the outer areas of the raised beds.

Survival Gardening Tips:  Neem Oil for Pest Control

The corn had some serious corn borer problems so we prepared a neem oil spray and covered the tops of all the corn plants. The neem oil spray was also distributed over all of the other plants for pest control prevention. Thankfully the chickens have not been able to get through the mesh cover!! But I saw a deep desire in their eyes! We will be fertilizing everything soon and the watering schedule is still once per day. There are some baby cucumbers and tomatoes waiting to grow. The garden looked so much better after the weeding was finished.

Our Community Prepper group is growing stronger and we had a great discussion about our plans for communication if an “event” occurs. Plans are very important as Dr Bones pointed out in the last post!!

Thanks for visiting,
Nurse Amy

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