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    Survival Community Garden

    Blond Kopfchen Tomatoes, planted 11/14/10 in my Prepper Garden

    Cherry Belle Radish, planted 3/26/11 in my survival prepper garden, under the cucumbers
    Garden of Eden Pole beans, in my survival prepper garden
    Purple Podded Pole Beans, second generation seeds from My Survival Prepper Garden
    Bright Lights Swiss Chard, planted 3/11/11 in my Survival prepper garden
    Corn (from The Smoky Mountain National Park Heritage Garden) in planter boxes; 7 feet tall so far, mother plant was 12-14 ft tall, in My Survival Prepper garden
    Hot Banana Pepper in My Survival Prepper Garden
    Survival Prepper Lettuce Box, planted 2/17/11
    Guard Lizard in My Prepper Garden
    Second Planting of Growbag Potatoes

    These are some updates from my survival prepper garden. I hope you enjoyed them. I am watering the garden every other day now because of the heat. The peppers still have some aphids, but I have ordered lady Beatles and lacewing larvae.

    I have moved two of the pepper containers outside to allow helpful predators to feast on those aphids, and the population has decreased so far.

    Soil Mixture for Potato Plants

    I am adding more soil to the potato plants as they grow to allow more roots to develop. This is supposed to give a bigger harvest, just like “hilling” in a row garden. The soil I am using is very light and allows good drainage in the growbags. It is a mixture of potting soil, coconut coir, pine straw and dried chamomile flowers.
    I will keep you updated!  Until then, this is a good soil mixture for potato plants.

    Nurse Amy

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