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    The Survival Medicine Hour with Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones, today September 7, 2013, discusses diabetes and survival, a new invasive species and a disturbing trend for wildfires in the near future.  Also, Nurse Amy discusses herbal medicine with part 1 of an interview with herbalist Cat Ellis.

    One of the most common questions we receive during our travels is about Diabetes, in a grid-down scenario.  Diabetes is problematic for the survival medic in that the medications used to treat the worst cases are unlikely to be manufactured or keep their potency in a long-term collapse scenario.


    “Diabetes” comes from the Greek word for “to pass through” and Mellitis comes from the Latin word for “honeyed” or “sweet”.  These words refer to one of the most common characteristics of diabetes mellitis: Large amounts of sweet-smelling (and, I’m told, sweet-tasting) urine. Early physicians noticed that it even attracted ants.  Diabetes is also characterized by high sugar (also called “glucose”) levels in the blood.


    Here is Part 1 of our Diabetes article series:



    Dr. Bones also discusses this new invasive species: the asian tiger shrimp. They are capable of weighing more than a pound and growing to over 1 foot long, and a recent study has predicted the tiger shrimp may become established in the Gulf of Mexico within 10 years. Unfortunately this invasive shrimp feeds on other sea creatures like smaller shrimp, crabs, clams and mussels. Dr. Bones will also provide some future issues regarding wildfires and our ability to control and fight them effectively.

    Nurse Amy interviews herbalist Cat Ellis. In part 1 of the interview this week Cat shares how she became interested in herbal medicine and is now a trusted herbal consultant. Nurse Amy and Cat explore the intriguing world of herbal medicine and discuss their use in survival situations.

    Here is the link for the Podcast:



    Thanks for listening!

    Nurse Amy

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