Survival Medicine Hour: All about Arthritis, Mass Recall, Anosmia

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Survival Medicine Hour #379

What if you had to function with joint pain in the aftermath of a major disaster? In the latest Survival Medicine Hour with Joe Alton MD, aka Dr. Bones, and Amy Alton ARNP, aka Nurse Amy, our hosts tell you all about arthritis: The different types, signs and symptoms, how to tell one type from another, treatment both natural and conventional, plus much more.

A mass recall of fire extinguishers going all the way back to 1973 is in the news after a fire rescue team couldn’t save a victim due to the failure of the all-important device. Is your device affected? Listen to Nurse Amy give an account of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s report.

Plus, a listener who has lost his sense of smell; could it be allergies? could it be a chronic medical condition. Listen to his story and Dr. Alton’s thoughts.

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All this and more on the Survival Medicine Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy!

The Altons
The Altons

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