Survival Medicine Hour: Earthquakes, Bed Bugs, Diatomaceous Earth

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Recent reports suggest that the West coast is at high risk for a big earthquake. They’ve found a new stress area in the San Andreas fault and predict a 75% chance, not a chance, a 75% chance, that the big one will hit anytime in the next 30 years or so.

Of all the creepy-crawlies that cause trouble in a household, few are worse than bed bugs. Although poor standards of living and unsanitary conditions have been associated with bed bug infestations, even the cleanest home in the most developed country can harbor these parasites.

Also, a listener asks whether diatomaceous earth has a role in producing a good homemade water filter if no commercial options are available. Joe and Amy Alton have the answer and some advice on how to proceed! All this and more in the Survival Medicine Hour podcast with Joe and Amy Alton!

To listen in, click below:

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Joe and Amy Alton

Amy and Joe Alton

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