Survival Medicine Hour: Influenza, Epi-pens, Falls Through the Ice, More

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Infectious disease is of major concern in good times or bad, and the family medic must be able to identify some of the deadliest. Having just written a book on the subject, we’ve done our research on some of the worst illnesses that can occur even in countries with advanced medical systems. There are infections out there, however, that are often fatal and can’t be treated with antibiotics. These are usually viral in nature. Joe and Amy Alton discuss what you need to know about what could become the next pandemic.

Cold and Flu season is usually something that occurs when it’s, well, cold, not so much from the actual loss of heat but from spending a lot of time inside with other people and breathing in their germs. But infections aren’t the only risk from cold weather.

In the winter, northern regions with lots of water features become vast fields of ice. Since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, you may be tempted to cross that frozen lake rather than go around it. That’s fine if the ice is thick, but there’s a risk of falling through the ice. If so, you’ll be in extremely cold water (and extremely big trouble). Find out how to survive this life-threatening mishap.

Plus, a question from Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast regarding the Epipen from a parent with a child that has had anaphylactic allergic reactions. Dr. Alton explains what the options are, whether expired epipens still work, and other things you might need to know in an emergency.

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Joe Alton MD and Amy Alton ARNP

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