Survival Medicine Hour: Japan Earthquake, Zika News, Fluoride, More

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In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP, we give you the latest news, and there is definitely news, about the Zika virus epidemic in South America. When warm weather arrives in your area, will you be in the 30 U.S. states where the Aedes mosquito lives? What does the CDC say about the risk of an epidemic here? Plus, Nurse Amy examines whether we really should have Fluoride in our water, and what the risks are versus the benefits (Hint: She’s against it). Joe Alton, aka Dr. Bones, reports on the devastation left by 2 quakes and hundreds of aftershocks in Southern Japan, and Nurse Amy examines an interesting plant in our garden: The Miracle Fruit! All this and more in the Survival Medicine Hour.

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Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Joe and Amy Alton

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