Survival Medicine Hour: Off-Grid Waste Issues, Face Masks, More

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We’ve mentioned that we’re finishing up a book on antibiotics and the diseases they treat, and I hope you’ve made some provisions for having some antibiotics in your medical storage, even if they’re the fish antibiotics that we write about. If you really believe there might be some event that’s going to take our society to the brink one day, you’ve got to know that this stuff is just not going to be as available as it was, and whatever you have is going to be hard to replace. So while you’re getting prepared this national preparedness month, think about getting our book when it comes out and some antibiotics.

When our infrastructure is working, we are able to provide clean water for drinking and food that’s safe to eat. We also have ways to easily flush waste from our immediate surroundings. When that infrastructure is damaged, however, we become easy prey for infectious disease. Joe and Amy Alton discuss how to deal with human waste issues in primitive off-grid settings.

Also, face masks have been in use since Plague times, and every medically-prepared family should have a lot of them to stay safe in times of trouble. Joe Alton MD discusses what face masks are all about and what types you should have in your medical storage.

All this and more in the latest Survival Medicine Hour podcast with Joe and Amy Alton!

To listen in, click below:

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