Survival Medicine Hour: Pathogens, Sulfa Drugs, Plague, More

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An infection is defined as the invasion of the body by microscopic organisms. A pathogen is any agent that can cause a disease, but the term is usually used to describe a microbe. Microscopic germs cause injury to tissues in a number of ways, often by producing toxic substances that damage the cells. Joe Alton MD discusses the different types of microbes that can affect your chances of survival if modern medicine isn’t an option.

A boy in Idaho is recovering after contracting plague — the first human case in the state in more than two decades. The Plague? Where did that come from? Dr. Joe Alton discusses the modern history of Plague in the U.S., plus how to identify and treat it early and completely.

You might think that Penicillin family drugs were the first to be used by the general public, but another popular family of antibiotics called sulfonamides, or sulfa drugs, were actually on the market even earlier. Indeed, it has been called “the first miracle drug”. Sulfonamides deserve credit for saving tens of thousands of lives during World War Two. It was so widely used, that many soldiers’ first aid kits came with the drug in pill or powder form. Learn more about this drug and how it fits in with your medical supplies for times of trouble.

All this and much more in this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Joe and Amy Alton!

To listen in, click below:

Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Joe and Amy Alton

The Altons
The Altons

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