• Survival Medicine Hour: Skin Issues, Instruments, Sterile vs. Clean

    August 27, 2017 | Joseph Alton MD
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    Survival Medicine Hour #354

    Keeping Instruments Clean

    Keeping Instruments Clean

    In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Joe Alton MD and Amy Alton ARNP, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, our hosts discuss the difficulties in achieving sterility off the grid when it comes to techniques for procedures and for the proper cleaning and maintenance of important instruments. Plus, skin conditions that the medic will likely have to treat after a disaster, including contact dermatitis, psoriasis, stasis dermatitis, shingles, and much, much more.

    To listen in, click below:


    Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

    Joe and Amy Alton

    Amy and Joe Alton

    Amy and Joe Alton

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