• Survival Medicine Hour: Stroke, Ebola 2018, Med Storage, More

    May 25, 2018 | Joseph Alton MD
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    In 2014, Joe Alton MD began reporting on an outbreak of a little-known disease called Ebola in West Africa. At the time, there were less than 100 cases, but eventually became a major epidemic with 28000 cases and 11000 deaths. Now Ebola has broken out in urban areas in Congo, where it was first identified. With cities of 1 and 11 million in the area, could it become a major epidemic? Find out the latest in developments in Ebola research since the West Africa epidemic in 2014, and is the new vaccine panning out to be protective?

    Also, Joe and Amy Alton, ARNP discuss a major challenge in austere settings: stroke, aka cerebro-vascular accident (CVA). Find out how to quickly identify a stroke in progress and what to do to increase the chances of full recovery for the victim.

    Plus, a listener asks about the reliability of the medications he has in his vehicle’s medical kit, which spends a lot of time in the hot Texas summer sun. What are the effects on medications and what should be done?

    All this and more in the latest Survival Medicine Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy!

    To listen in, click below:


    Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

    Joe and Amy Alton

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