Survival Medicine Hour: Wildfires, Drought, Herbal Medicine

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Wildfires, Drought and Herbal Medicine
Wildfires, Drought, and Herbal Medicine

In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, we talk about the Yosemite fire and what to do when a wildfire is coming your way.  The wildfires in Yosemite are about 33% contained, however severe drought conditions are making the complete containment difficult. 5,000 firefighters are using all sorts of tools to try and battle this horrific wildfire, and Fire commanders battling this giant blaze around Yosemite National Park said Thursday that they would use a Predator drone to give them early views of any new flare-ups across the remote and rugged landscape. They added “The drone is being flown by the 163rd Wing of the California National Guard at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside and is operating from Victorville Airport, both in Southern California. It generally flew over unpopulated areas on its 300-mile flight to the Rim Fire.”

We also talk about issues of longstanding drought conditions across the southwest. Here is a recent quote “Arizona is entering its second decade of a statewide drought from a lack of long-term precipitation and increased demand for water, and state water officials have asked residents, businesses, schools, institutions of higher learning, local governments and federal agencies to increase their water conservation efforts.” Residents and businesses are being given monetary incentives to reduce their water demands by replacing grass with native drought tolerant plants and landscaping.

The second half of our show focuses on Part 2 of Nurse Amy’s interview with Health Guru, Darren Craddock. This is an interview you won’t want to miss. If you want to live a healthier and longer life this is the show for you. Nurse Amy and Darren detail specific diet changes to increase your health status and help you possibly prevent many health issues plaguing our society today. Including how to make an incredible health juice, what foods to choose, the dangers of GMO and pesticides and many other life-changing diet choices. Darren also provides all listeners with a special coupon code discount for EnerHealthBotanicals!

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