Survival Medicine Podcast: Cellulitis, Abscesses, More

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All injuries carry a risk of infection. Various kinds of microbes can invade the body and cause Inflammation in soft tissues, also known as “cellulitis”. These infections develop when bacteria enter through a crack or break in your skin. You can imagine that, off the grid, and especially on the road or in the wilderness, that all sorts of injuries will occur that break the skin and get infected. Think of all the activities you might be doing that you don’t do a lot of now. Making a lot of campfires? Chopping a lot of wood for fuel. Doing stuff you’re not used to can certainly put you at risk.

Dr. Joe Alton (aka Dr. Bones) and Amy Alton ARNP (aka Nurse Amy) discusses various soft tissue infections, how to identify and treat them, and how to lance a boil if required. Different antibiotics may help in oral form, several of which you should have in your medical storage for long-term survival scenarios.

To listen in, click below:

Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

Joe and Amy Alton

Amy Alton ARNP

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