Survival Medicine Podcast: Pneumonia in Austere Settings

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Health authorities in China are reporting 60-70 cases of a previously unknown viral pneumonia that has put dozens in the hospital. Officials note that victims exhibit fever up to 105(!), difficulty breathing, and abnormal findings on chest X-rays.  

Nothing gets my attention like a mysterious, probably viral, pneumonia showing up in some foreign land. The word “pneumonia” is defined as a lung inflammation usually caused by bacterial or viral infection. Occasionally, fungi or parasites may give rise to it. It’s a very general term and doesn’t identify the specific microbe that’s causing the problem.In the last decade or so, killers like Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) have entered the scene. 

In this companion podcast to a recent article, Dr. Joe Alton discusses the “new pneumonia” and tells you what you need to know about pneumonia in general: symptoms, treatments, how to tell pneumonia from regular flu symptoms, and natural remedies, plus preventative strategies…

To listen in, click below:

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Joe and Amy Alton

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