Survival Medicine Podcast: Social Distancing, Lab Accidents, More

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Survival Medicine Podcast

Are you going to survive this pandemic? If I asked America this question a month ago, I would have gotten more than 27000 people saying yes that, well, were wrong. They are no longer with us. In order to succeed in situations where everything else is failing, you gotta have training, knowledge, and supplies. You must also have a mindset that is, perhaps, the opposite of what you were taught in your first responder course: That some disaster or epidemic has overwhelmed conventional medical resources and you are now the highest medical asset left to your family. Joe Alton MD discusses some important aspects in staying healthy in times of trouble.

Plus, social distancing is the main strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but is 6 feet enough? It’s been reported that coughs can throw 3000 droplets with virus loads up to 19 feet, and sneezes 40000 droplets all the way to 26 feet away. Dr. Alton gives his thoughts.

Lastly, the lab accident theory from Wuhan’s Biosafety level 4 lab is gaining more and more currency as time goes on. What do they think happen and how does that compare with the live market theory?

All this and more in the latest survival medicine podcast with Joe Alton MD (Amy’s packing kits)

To listen in, click below:

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