Survival Medicine Podcast: Tornadoes, Tuberculosis, Early Labor, Blood, More

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In this episode of the Survival Medicine Podcast, Dr. Joe Alton and Nurse PractitionerAlton discuss the recent outbreak of tuberculosis cases on the West Coast, and how to prevent it from affecting your family in good times or bad. Don’t worry, it’s not an epidemic in the U.S., even though it accounted for more than a million deaths in Africa and Asia in 2022!

Also, everything you need to know about tornadoes! We’re in tornado season for a while yet, and much of the country has experienced the kind of weather that spawns them. Here’s how to keep you family safe in major storms. Plus, pregnancy off the grid isn’t all peaches and cream, and the family medic should know what to expect, especially in late pregnancy as labor approaches. Dr. Bones gives yout the 411 on this natural, but sometimes complex situation.

Plus Plus, a couple  of questions from our listeners, readers, and viewers about things like plasma donations and much more! All this in the latest episode of the Survival Medicine Podcast with Joe and Amy Alton.

To Listen In, click below:

Here’s wishing  you the best of health in good times or bad,

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

The Altons

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