Survival Medicine Podcast: Visits During COVID, Heat Waves, Kazakhstan Virus?

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Man, it’s hot. Summer is here with a vengeance and parts of the Midwest and Southern U.S. are experiencing record high temperatures in major heat waves. Officials predict a high-risk situation for 200 million citizens in the U.S. Joe Alton MD and Amy Alton ARNP discuss heat-related emergencies and what you can do to save lives this summer.

Kazakhstan: New virus or fish story?

Also, what do you do about keeping tabs on family and friends during the COVID pandemic? Dr. Alton answers some common questions that listeners are anxious about, with his own specific take on the subject.

Plus, Chinese officials report 1700 deaths from a mysterious pneumonia in the neighboring country of Kazakhstan. Health officials there say that their report doesn’t “conform to reality”. Is there a new virus or is it all a bunch of hooey? The Altons give their opinion…

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Amy Alton ARNP

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