‘2011 survival conference’


Hey Prepper Nation, At long last, our book THE DOOM AND BLOOM(TM) SURVIVAL MEDICAL HANDBOOK has been printed and is available for purchase!… 7

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Doom and Bloom ™ Show #42 – Charlie and Courtney, Florida Preppers

Hey Preppers! Tonight on the Doom and Bloom(tm) Show, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy welcome Charlie (The Rabbit Guy) and Courtney, a prepping… 0

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Doom and Bloom(tm) Show #40 – Chance Sanders, Wilderness Skills and Security Expert

Hey Preppers, Tune in tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST when Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy welcome Chance Sanders of Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder School… 0

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The Rock and The Hard Place

Economic Collapse and Preparedness Hey Preppers, It seems to me that, nowadays, the entire financial mindset in America is changing.  In the good… 0

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Are You Normal?

  Preparedness and Tough Questions Hey Preppers, From time to time (like whenever anyone in my family visits), I have to answer questions… 0

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Doom and Bloom Show # 31 Survival, Prepper Gardens

  Tonight’s show will include another great host from the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, The Covert Prepper. James will help us highlight and… 0

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