‘altitude sickness’

Survival Medicine Hour: Altitude Sickness, Radiation, Zika, Survival Skills

Nurse Amy was asked by Ballistic magazine to pick three survival skills she considers most important from a lengthy list, guess which one… 0

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Video: Altitude Sickness

In this video, Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, discusses how to identify, prevent, and treat altitude sickness, also known as Acute Mountain… 0

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Doom and Bloom(tm): Head Trauma, Altitude Sickness, Globe Artichokes

    Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, as expected, are still here to bring you an hour full of some post Newtown changes,… 0

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Doom and Bloom Hour: Newtown Murders, Altitude Sickness and Hypothermia

      On the Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour tonight Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones discuss the recent Newtown massacre and what is… 0

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Altitude Sickness

Hey Prepper Nation, A Collapse Situation and Altitude Sickness In a collapse situation, we might find ourselves having to move from a home… 3

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